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Why Solo Travel is IT!

Why wait? Tomorrow's not promised! Lesson learned, 2020...lesson learned.

Things are looking up in America, with some states promising to reopen 100% this week, and other states having vaccinated 70+% of residents. Just yesterday, I witnessed the spike in air flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, NC to New York, JFK were all FULL on a random Tuesday evening arriving at midnight! If that doesn't say people are READY to travel, I don't know what does!

But what if no one else is ready to go with you? People have limitations and obligations but those shouldn't become your problems. Take a leap of faith, and book that trip! While it is wonderful to share new experiences with someone else, you may regret waiting.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone should travel solo at least once!

  1. Yours is the only opinion that matters! No compromises necessary. Go where you want, spend what you want, eat what you want, WHENEVER you want! No animosity because you begrudgingly went along with the majority or because you decided to do your own thing and your friends felt some type of way. Save a friendship. Travel solo!

  2. You are more receptive to meeting new and interesting people than if you had that safety net of a travel buddy. Join an Airbnb experience, strike a convo with that interesting person at the coffee shop, swipe on that app (but lawd, just be careful)!

  3. You have the freedom to make mistakes without fear of judgment. Took the wrong train? Picked a bad restaurant? It's a lesson learned without the side eye or "I told you so" from your friends.

  4. You don't have to feel responsible for your friends. No need to panic because Katie walked off with a random dude from the nightclub and won't answer her phone! No taking Brittany to the hospital because she KNEW she was allergic to shellfish and tried those crab cakes anyway!! (It's me, I'm Brittany - this did not actually happen, thankfully).

  5. You will learn more about yourself by being in a new place where you are anonymous and reliant on only yourself. It can be an insightful and empowering experience! Maybe you aren't as introverted as you thought...maybe you just never felt comfortable breaking out of the mold others formed of you. Maybe you realize you are more independent than you think. Perhaps you completely hate traveling solo after this, but at least you'll know!

Notice how all the above reasons begin with YOU!

Now I'm not all "bah humbug" about traveling with others. Again, a large part of the experience is who you share it with! But this post is for those who are tired of depending on others in order to travel. If you are hesitant to travel alone, start with a solo 3-day weekend in your own country! In fact, I'd recommend it, considering the state of the rest of the world right now. Both of my solo trips have been U.S. domestic, but that will change soon!


Have you traveled solo yet? Would you do it again? Share your experience below, and check out my Guide to Budget Friendly Travel to book that next trip!

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I’m definitely more motivated to go on a solo trip(s) lol. Where did you travel to on your solo trips?

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