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Want to Travel More? Then Make it a Priority!

"Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value!" - Our POTUS has a point here.

I saw a reel on Instagram that really resonated with me. A woman remarked on how people always tell her traveling is expensive, and she agrees (as do I). But she sacrifices in other areas of her life in order to make her travels a reality. I recently wrote a post on how to save money while traveling, but forgot to add this crucial strategy!

When I think about the things on which I prioritize my money, the top things that come to mind are rent/bills, traveling, and eating really good food. More recently, I've added in more quality, timeless pieces like coats, leather boots, and minimalist jewelry.

Things that I vehemently will not spend money on if I can help it: having the latest phone, food delivery, taxi or Uber when public transportation is available, safe, and reliable enough, and getting my nails and hair done on a less than quarterly basis.

NOW there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on those things if those are important to you! Everyone has their own priorities: convenience, self-improvement, saving money, physical appearance, status, etc. But reflect on what's important to YOU, and see if your spending habits reflect that.

So if you find misalignment in what you say is important to you and how you spend your money, think of where you can cut or reallocate costs to change that. Here are some ideas below, some of which I follow:

  • PAYING YOURSELF FIRST! Put a few dollars away per week or month towards a specific fund (travel, clothes, home goods, whatever your interest). You can do $20 a week, that's $1,040 in a year. Or do $1 in week one, $10 in week 10, etc. and by week 52, you have $1,378! That's enough for a decent vacay to Mexico or Colombia!

  • Using a high-yield savings account (4% APY) vs. a traditional bank (0.01% APY).

  • ALWAYS searching for coupon codes before checking out online!!

  • Using a rebate app like Rakuten and shop through there for easy cash back paid out quarterly. No minimum and no catch! I've earned $661 since 2016, not a huge amount over 7 years BUT it's FREE MONEY!

  • Taking public transportation instead of owning a car or using a taxi/Uber, both at home and when traveling.

  • Having a minimalist wardrobe, or not curating a closet full of designer brands at the expense of your wallet.

  • Conversely, investing in quality pieces that won't go out of style or need replacement for many years.

  • Finishing the products you have before buying more/other versions of it (candles, lotion, books, food, perfumes).

  • Cooking food at home! Not only is it cheaper, it's likely healthier and you know exactly what's in it. (This is not my strong suit, living near NYC, so there is so much amazing food, better than I can ever cook lol).

  • Foregoing alcoholic drinks while eating out because those really add up! (Also not my strong suit, especially when the cocktail comes with a cute rubber ducky!)

  • Only upgrading your phone/TV/appliances when the current one is crapping out, and additionally, replacing it with the second latest version (unless there's a great deal on the latest).

  • Reusing cocktail and formalwear that you already have in your closet, especially if you already wear them very rarely. Do you need a new white outfit for every annual white party?

  • Reusing clothes you have when going on vacation, or buying fast-fashion if you post online often and don't like being an outfit repeater like Lizzie McGuire. *Get it?Anyone?*

  • If fast-fashion isn't for you, consider thrifting. There are many consignment shops that only take name-brand clothing if you're worried about that. Good Will and Salvation Army aren't the only options.

  • Sticking to drugstore make up if it works well enough for you (my same concealer has worked for me since college, however it's been hard to find a drug store brow pencil I like, so I spend more on that).

  • Choosing low maintenance hairstyles that last a while (for me, that's braids).

  • Buying a used car since the value of a new car depreciates immediately after leaving the lot and forever after.

  • Doing pick up instead of delivery for food.

  • Borrowing books from the library and only buying them if you feel you'll need to refer back to them. Buy books used.

  • Reviewing subscriptions and canceling ones you haven't used in 2-3 months. Sign up again only when you need it.

  • Painting your own nails or getting reusable press on's instead of regular salon visits.

As you can see, there are a plethora of places you can look in your life to cut back on costs or to simply understand what it is you value most!

What do you prioritize, and what do you REFUSE to spend on? Let me know in the comments below!

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