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Whimsically Fit

Let's get moving! Whimsically Fit will provide you with the motivation and tools needed to reach your fitness goals!

Sample workouts and meal plans to come!

In the meantime, enjoy these two posts to get your fitness journey going! 

When Working Out is Hard to Do

Juicy - A Six-Month Fitness Journey

Let me be your guide! 
(Coming soon)

About Me

I'm Brittany, and I believe in living life to the fullest! This means fostering  a lifestyle that allows me to feel my best! I believe in balance - a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to feel restricting. On the contrary, it can be very fulfilling by allowing you to have those guilt-free moments. 

I ran mid- and long-distance track in high school and always loved activities that don't feel like a workout - roller blading, ice-skating, and kick boxing to name a few! But I understand it isn't easy. Please read this blog post to understand my fitness journey over the past year and why I am excited to help you, too!

*PT certification in progress

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